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Our vision is simple: We want the power in business to be equal between women and men. 

To get there, not as simple. We started our journey in 2013 when four engineers founded the core of our business: development programs for engineering students at the end of their education. 

We soon learnt that we were not the only ones who wanted the power in business to be equal between women and men. Today, we are proud to collaborate with some of the most impactful companies in Sweden to turn our vision into reality. Since 2013, we have successfully run our three development programs: Female Leader Engineer, Female Digital Engineer and Female Technical Engineer. Through our programs a large network of skilled engineers has been founded as we follow each of our members throughout their entire careers. We personally

know our network and their ambition; hence we can be bold when creating a match. 

With a request from our current partners to recruit from our network, we founded CoGig,

where we match our network with interesting roles and companies. We see potential in

people and our partners, and we believe that it is what makes us unique. 


Today, a major part of our network are female engineers within leadership, digitalization

and technology with 1-20 years’ work experience. In order stay competitive we believe it

is important to find great minds from various backgrounds and industries to create new opportunities, solutions and business development.


We are people partners. We are the new way to find great minds.



Read more and learn about our three development programs for female engineering

students below:


A program for engineering students with the ambition to become leaders of the future.


A program for engineering students who will challenge today's technology within the industry.

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Your People Partner that creates tailored solution through recruitment, workshops and events.

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